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Webcomics, a booming industry projected to skyrocket to $56B by 2030 (twice the “paper” comics/mangas market) - at the tip of the $400B anime/cartoon iceberg - are transforming the way entertainment IP is discovered through a mobile native experience. Pioneered by platforms like Naver's Webtoon, these digital illustrations captivate hundreds of millions of global genZ and young adult users on their mobile devices.

Despite the thriving fan communities surrounding storytelling, fan art, and fan fiction on platforms such as Discord, Instagram, and Wattpad, creating webcomics remains a daunting task due to stringent publishing constraints and limited drawing skills for the majority of users.

Enter Kartoon: the future "TikTok of comics," designed to be the premier destination for consuming and crafting captivating illustrated stories. Empowering fan communities and harnessing the potential of cutting-edge genAI technology, Kartoon simplifies the creation and remixing of webcomics, breaking down barriers and sparking a new era of frictionless visual storytelling. The bold vision: the new Batman will emerge from Kartoon.